Known Issues

Version 10.1 Known Issues

Below are issues that have been identified specifically in version 10.1 (this list does not include issues reported in previous versions). As any known issues arise with version 10.1 they will be posted here. 

Last updated 2/19/14

Summary Details
Various Functions May Not Work Using Internet Explorer 11
If you are using Internet Explorer 11, various functions of D2L may not work. For example: 1. Attaching a Locker file to a Discussion post. 2. Inserting an image into an HTML document. 3. Submitting a file to a Dropbox folder. 4. Downloading a Content topic. D2L does not yet support IE 11. As a workaround, please use a supported browser such as the latest version Firefox or Chrome or use IE 9 or IE 10.
Bug with Quicklinks in Content Topics that Open in New Window
When a Quicklink Content item is set to open in a new window, the link will open in a new window. When the topic's link is clicked from the Content tool, the site is opened on a new tabbed page (at least for Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome). After closing that tabbed page, you are within the topic and see an "Open in New Window" button (near the upper-left corner). Click on that button and it is unresponsive: nothing happens. This behavior affects any user that doesn't have permission to Manage Content (e.g., Students, Guests, etc.). Specifically, the user permissions "Manage Content" and "Create and Edit Content Modules and Topics" need to be checked at the course level in order for this button to work. This bug is fixed in version 10.2.
Renamed Themes Not Applied to Copied ePortfolio Presentations
After editing and renaming ePortfolio themes, when Presentations using these themes are copied, their themes may revert to the originals. This seems to occur for Presentations created BEFORE the upgrade from D2L version 10.0 to version 10.1. As a workaround edit the affected presentation, select the Themes tab, select the name of the desired theme, which should appear among the list to choose from, and save.
Quiz Special Access Settings Not Cleared after Student Unenrolled
Usually when a student is unenrolled from a course, their presence disappears from tools such as Classlist, Gradebook, Dropbox. However, any special access settings for a quiz remain visible on the Restrictions tab after a student is unenrolled and have to be manually deleted. In versions 10.2 and 10.3, these special access settings will also be deleted when a student is unenrolled.
Replacement Strings Handled Differently in Content and Discussions
In the Content and Discussion tools, you can enter certain replacement strings in braces { }, although the options and behavior are different in the two tools. 1. In the Discussion tool, both 'Org Information' and 'User Information' replace strings are interpreted; in the Content tool, only 'Org Information' replace strings are interpreted. 2. In the Discussion tool, the values of the interpreted strings are seen only when reading, not editing a post. In the Content tool, the value of the interpreted string is saved, and is seen both when reading and editing a topic. This is expected behavior.
Overall path length can prevent course files from being copied, exported, or imported
Course files can fail to copy, export, or import via Copy Components when the 256 character path length is exceeded. As a workaround, rename files and folders in the master course and try again. As a best practice, file and folder names should be kept as short as possible and not include special characters. 
D2L Assignment Grader users are directed to the wrong place when logging on    
Applies to users of the D2L Assignment Grader app for tablets -- Users attempting to log in to Learn@UW Desire2Learn with the Assignment Grader app for the first time are directed to the campus login page and after authentication they are sent to Learn@UW Desire2Learn instead of the Assignment Grader application. Assignment Grader users who had accounts established prior to the upgrade to version 10.1 DO NOT experience this issue. 
Adobe Presenter video "sinks" down the Content Viewer screen as it plays
When viewed with Firefox or IE, Adobe Presenter videos display in the Content Viewer properly at first, but then begin to "drop off" the screen with the Content Viewer screen getting deeper and deeper, forcing users to scroll continually to keep presentation in view. As a workaround, edit the HTML code in the index.html file of the Presenter package to change the height from 100% to either 98% or 720px.
Problem with Flash files (SWFs) not scaling correctly in content viewer
Embedded Flash files (SWFs) that attempt to scale to fit the window do not work correctly in the inline document viewer. As a workaround, click on "View content in a new window" to open the page in a new window or tab.
http:// links from to Jing screencasts are converted to https://
Links to screencasts are converted from http:// to https://.

This occurs whether the link is in News, another widget, or a Content item. It occurs whether the link is inserted as a Quicklink, using Insert Stuff, or directly entering the html code. It occurs whether a link is set to open in new window or not. Links to other http:// sites are not converted from http:// to https:// in this way. The vendor is investigating the cause of the problem.
Content window or frame doesn't resize properly
When you have an HTML doc in Content that has quicklinks within it to other tools or documents, or to outside URLs that are set to open in the SAME window, when the user clicks the link, the window / frame doesn't resize to accommodate the new item, and the focus of the user does not shift to the top of the screen where the user can see the top of the new item. Instead, the window remains at the same vertical position as it was when the link was clicked. Another example of this behavior may be seen if a user clicks a content module in the table of contents. If the user had to scroll down the page to see the module in the table of contents, clicking on the module doesn't cause the window/frame to resize so that the user can see the module without scrolling to the top of the page. Yet another example: if an HTML document has accordion style effect, the frame may not resize appropriately for the change in the amount of content displayed. D2L has identified this as a bug. It has been corrected in version 10.3.
Students cannot see Text grade information
The information entered into a Text grade item does not display for students unless the "Show Grade Scheme Symbol" checkbox is selected in the "Org Unit Display Options".

The vendor is working on a fix for this issue.
Cannot download Content item using green Download button
When attempting to download a Content item by clicking on the green Download button, the user gets this error message: "Unable to download. The file associated with this content topic cannot be found." 

This occurs when a course file is linked via quicklink rather than as a direct link to the course file. If the item is linked via quicklink, it will be formatted as: /d2l/common/dialogs/quickLink/quickLink.d2l?ou={orgUnitId}&type=coursefile&fileId=. 

Workaround: Avoid creating Content links using quicklinks to course files. Instead, link directly to the Content topic or referring link. If the Content item is presented in the Document Viewer, it may be possible to download the item using the gray download arrow on the frame of the Document Viewer.
Internal server error when student submits assignment to Dropbox
If a student receives an internal server error when attempting to submit a file to the dropbox, an "illegal" punctuation character (such as quotation marks) in the file name may be to blame. 

Avoid using punctuation in dropbox submission file names. 

To avoid/fix the error, remove all punctuation from the file name and resubmit.
Cannot subscribe to RSS feeds of News with Chrome 32
If you attempt to subscribe to News via RSS using Chrome version 32, you will find that there is no option to subscribe. D2L is aware of this issue and advises that the behavior is a Chrome issue, which is fixed in version 33.

As a workaround, avoid using Chrome 32 for RSS feeds or install an RSS subscription extension available from the Chrome webstore.
All students in some courses receive an internal server error when attempting to access the course content
If all students in a course encounter an internal server error when attempting to access the Content in a course, but the instructor and admins can access Content, it is likely due to software defects that D2L will be correcting in a Service Pack in the near future.
There are two different scenarios in which this issue occurs:

Scenario 1: Conflicts in Due Dates listed in Content items (often Checklists). One issue is conflicts in due dates of actual items and the due date for the item as listed in a Checklist in Content. For example, if a checklist in Content includes a due date for an item (such as a quiz), but the actual item (quiz in this example) does not have start, end, or due dates, this defect will cause Content to be inaccessible.

For scenario 1, removing the due date from the checklist item will correct the issue.

Scenario 2: A Content module has one set of due dates, but items within the module, often in a Checklist, have conflicting due dates.

For scenario 2, removing the conflicting topic or changing the dates will repair the issue. In some cases, only the affected Module may be inaccessible to students.
Slow load times for integrated tools such as i>Clicker and Piazza


Tools integrated with D2L such as Piazza and i>Clicker are taking over 20 seconds to load. D2L is investigating the cause of the issue.
"Last Modified" time below Content Topic refers to topic, not associated file
If you create a Content Topic that is a Course file, and you view the topic in Content, as an instructor you see the file name and "Last Modified" date listed below the Content Topic title.

If you upload a new version of the file that is linked, Manage Files shows a new date on the file; the Content topic will show the new version of the file, but the info under the Topic title will still show the date that the Content topic was created, not the date that the associated file was last modified.

If you edit the Topic to link to a different file, the "Last Modified" date will change to the time the topic was modified, not to the date on the new file in Manage Files. 

Please be aware that this is a misleading discrepancy.
Document Viewer does not render "live" HTML links
Links is Word, PowerPoint, and PDF documents do not work when the file is viewed in the Content Document Viewer or in the Dropbox.

The Document Viewer creates static images from the documents, so hyperlinks are flattened. If you have a document with hyperlinks, you should instruct students to download the document. Alternatively, present the Content as an HTML document rather than linking to a Word or PDF document.
Concerns about Document Viewer Image Quality
A number of concerns have been raised about the quality of the images rendered in the Document Viewer.

If you need characters with a special font to display, it is suggested that you create a PDF of the document and embed the fonts in the document.

Documents that mix photographs and text likely will not render in the viewer at the resolution of the original document. If the quality of the view in the Document Viewer is unacceptable, please instruct students to download the document.
Document Viewer does not properly render some fonts
The Document Viewer does not render all fonts in the images it presents to users.

Characters such as circled numbers in the Wingding 2 font in Word display as entirely different characters in the Document Viewer. The Pepper font, used to display diacritical marks and phonetic symbols does not render in the Document Viewer. PDFs of some mathematical equations may not display the operation symbols. In all cases, the downloaded document should match the original if the user's device has the font; it is only the image displayed in the Document Viewer that is problematic.
Potential problem with existing release conditions being deleted or partially deleted
(No tracking ID)
A number of courses lost release conditions on content items after the upgrade. It's unknown how many courses have been affected; the issue doesn't appear to be widespread. As a precaution, it is suggested that course owners check to ensure all of the release conditions in their courses still exist and are set properly. If they do not seem to be set properly, or are no longer there, they will need to be reset.
"Bad Request" error when accessing a course homepage
If you attempt to access a course and encounter "Bad Request" error, it may be due to the following known issue. Courses that had the Homepage type set to "Make an existing tool the homepage" may have had the tool changed to "Rubrics," which leads to this error. To solve the problem, an admin or instructor can access one of their other courses, go to Edit Course, then enter the "broken" course's OU number in the URL (for example, https://CAMPUS.courses.wisconsin.edu/d2l/lp/cmc/main.d2l?ou=OUNUMBER). Then choose Homepages and edit the active course homepage.
Internal Server Error when editing dates via Manage Dates
In Manage Dates, when attempting to edit more than one item of the same type with the same name, you may receive an internal server error. This can happen if you have a Grade Item and a Grade Category of the same name, because in the Manage Dates tool, both items are considered "Grade Objects" and can have dates associated with them. If you encounter an internal server error when editing dates, filter by tool and check for any items with duplicate names.
Checklist categories and items display in a different order in Content than in the Checklist tool
When a Checklist is created and saved, and Categories or Items are subsequently re-ordered, this new order is not reflected when the Checklist is accessed through Content. Instead, Checklist Categories and Items are displayed in the order in which they were created.
Users now see date-restricted Content topics listed in Content
Students are now able to view titles of date-restricted content topics outside of the available dates. Students will not be able to click into those topics but will see them in the Content list. This is a change from the behavior of date-restricted items in previous versions of the software. If instructors would like hide these topics from students, they are advised to change the status of the items from Published to Draft.
Problems Creating Equations Using Graphical Editor
If you try to create an equation using the Graphical Editor within the HTML editor, you may encounter one of these problems.

1. There are no controls to create or edit an equation in the "Insert Equation" interface and you see the message "Error. Click fore details". Clicking will not resolve the problem.

2. The equation has been created, but when you later view the topic, the equation does not display. You can create an equation with LaTeX input or MathML input instead of the Graphical Editor and then the equation will display. Any previously created equations should still display. The problem occurs on all browsers, including IE 9 and the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome and is related to changes in the way browsers handle many applications that use java. The Equation Editor in D2L version 10.2 and higher does not use java, and equations created with the Graphical Editor are expected to display.

As a workaround, you can use the following method to enable using the Graphical editor on your site: Make sure you have the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on your machine. (The latest version as of January, 2014 is java 7, Update 51 .) If you don't have the latest version of the JRE, visit java.com and install it. Next, configure your JRE as follows to enable use of the Graphical editor: 1. Bring up the "Java Control Panel" 2. Select the "Security" tab. 3. Set the Security level to "High" (if set to another level). Note that "Medium" is unsafe and "Very High" is too restrictive. 4. Press the "Edit Site List" button to bring up the "Exception Site List". 5. Click the "Add" button. 6. Type in the URL of your site that will have the form: "https://{campus}.courses.wisconsin.edu" 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 as necessary to enable use of the Graphical editor on multiple sites. 8. Press the "OK" button (In the "Exception Site List"). 9. Press the "OK" button to exit the Java Control panel.

Problem with Content Document Viewer loading content

Many users have experienced that the new Inline Document Viewer was not displaying documents as expected. The problem affected documents in Content, Dropbox, and other tools. A separate, but related issue was also observed. In these cases, a document loaded quickly in the Document Viewer, but a "broken image" icon was displayed. This issue has been resolved and documents now load properly.
Error when attempting to view quiz submission tied to grade items for withdrawn students
In the list of Withdrawn students (Classlist > Enrollment Statistics), when clicking the Submission icon [?] next to a student's name for a Quiz associated with a Grade Item to view the Quiz submission, an Internal Server (500) Error is displayed.
Content topics and modules can no longer be copied and pasted
Changes to the Content tool with version 10.1 have removed the "Manage Content" area of the tool. Users can no longer copy and paste Content topics and modules as they could in earlier versions. Items can be reordered with the drag and drop option, but unfortunately "template" segments of content cannot be copied and pasted.
The width of homepages is now 980 px
On course homepages, the width has been slightly increased from 960 to 980 pixels.
The Content tool uses a different HTML editor than the other course tools

In LE 10.1, the HTML Editor in the Content tool displays a new interface with drop-down controls to access some of the functions. Other tools, such as Discussions and News, still have the familiar version, with the "Basic" and "Advanced" tabs. The HTML editor described in the "Desire2Learn Help 10.1" documentation on the Community Site is the new version seen in Content. This version will be used in other tools in future versions of the Learning Environment.

New Content topic files are saved at the course root of Manage Files by default

In LE 10.1, in the Content tool, if you create a new topic as a new file using the HTML editor or uploaded from your computer, you cannot Save the file to a subfolder in the 'Manage Files' Area. All files are created in the course root. This functionality will be restored in LE 10.2.

Drag and drop facility to upload files does not work with Internet Explorer
The Drag and Drop facility to upload files into various tools of the Learning Environment does not work if you are using Internet Explorer (up through IE 10). You see the message "Your browser does not support dropping files from your device" in the area you should be able to deposit file(s). Drag and Drop does work with other supported browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, and with IE 11 and higher.
No enumeration symbols in Content
In version 10.1 there are no controls in 'Content Settings' or elsewhere to display enumeration symbols for Content modules or topics.
Using Internet Explorer 9, various functions in HTML editor used for Content topics may fail
Using Internet Explorer 9, various functions within the new HTML Editor used for Content topics may fail (see details in the linked knowledgebase article). The common symptom is the appearance of an 'Internet Explorer has stopped working' pop-up. The problem does not occur in tools other than Content, which still use the older-style HTML editor, or when using the newest versions of Firefox (24) or Chrome (30) or Safari (6.x).
In version 10.1, HTML editor in Content tool no longer allows opening of existing equation Equation Editor
In version 10.1, the HTML editor used in the Content tool no longer allows you to select an existing equation and have it open in the Equation Editor for editing. In this new HTML editor, select the equation and then press the Insert Equation button in the toolbar. This will open the Equation Editor, populated with the existing equation.
Topics in Content that are Quicklinks to Web Sites May Not Work
If a Content topic is a quicklink to an external web site, clicking the topic link may fail to access the web site unless the topic is set to open the site in a new window. The symptom is that you either see the message "This content cannot be displayed in a frame" or just a blank white screen.
As a workaround, edit the topic and select the option under "Open in a new window" to force the link to open in a secondary window.
Using IE9, with Compatibility Mode on, Insert Stuff from course offering files fails if in Content tool
If you are using IE9 with Compatibility Mode on, Insert Stuff within the HTML Editor in the Content tool fails if inserting from Course offering files. The symptom is 'No items found' when there are fails available and browser may crash. Note that it is necessary to have Compatibility mode on with IE9 to prevent failure with 'Internet Explorer has Stopped working'. Insert Stuff by Uploading files from Computer does, however, work.
Lost ability to obtain printable view of multiple Content topics in version 10.1
The Content tool in version 10.1 no longer offers the option to create a printable view of a series of Content topics.
Upcoming events in Content do not display as expected
Because of a bug that is under active investigation by D2L, items are not being listed in the Upcoming Events view of Content in the expected sections under Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 days. The current view is misleading. The Course Schedule view is likely to be more useful to users.
"Upcoming Events in Content" cannot be eliminated
Within the Calendar tool, there is no way to remove "Upcoming Events in Content, as Upcoming Events is a hard-coded feature of the Content tool.
Anchor links used in Content documents are unresponsive when using Firefox
Firefox users will not be able to navigate through HTML Content items using anchor tags. Anchors within iframes used in D2L do not work because of a bug in Firefox (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=638598).
Unable to complete your request message when saving a file to Content
If you attempt to create an HTML topic in Content that includes a colon ( : ) , you no longer get this helpful message: File Name may not end with a '.' character and may not contain: \ / : * ? " < > |. The message you see is "Error: unable to complete your request." Rename your file without using a colon and save. In version 10.2 of the LE, a helpful message will display once again if you use a colon in the file name.

Issues will be identified and repair dates will be determined by the vendor, Desire2Learn.