When is the upgrade happening?

The upgrade to the new version of Desire2Learn (Learn@UW) is planned to be complete at 10:00 AM June 5th, 2014. The upgrade will be performed during the window of 10:00 PM June 4th-10:00 AM June 5th.

Will I be able to access the system during the upgrade window?

The upgrade process requires a complete outage of Desire2Learn, so users who attempt to log on during the 10:00 PM June 4th-10:00 AM June 5th upgrade window will see an outage message.

Will courses look different after the upgrade?

There will be changes to many areas of the application, some subtle and others significantly impacting how you click around and use the application. For details, see What's new in Version 10.3?

Can I revert back to the old version?

Unfortunately, no. But you can still customize your navigation bar and homepage as in the past.

What can I do to prepare?

Keep checking this site and read What's new in Version 10.3? for information on navigating the new version of Desire2Learn. There's also the Learn@UW KnowledgeBase if you need specific instructions on how to use tools and features.

How was the timing of the upgrade chosen?

This software is used across the entire UW System, so the upgrade impacts all UW System schools. There were many complexities regarding scheduling and no best time for all campuses in UW System. We hope that a 10PM-10AM upgrade window will reduce the impact for instructors and students.

Who can I contact for more info?

If you have questions about the new version of Desire2Learn please contact the DoIT Help Desk or Learn@UW Support.